Our solution

  • Like most commercially available upper body exoskeletons the direction of forces through a hip harness is proven to be user friendly and efficient.
  • The latest HumaniX developments enable:
  • Redirection of force to the hips
  • Use one shoulder actuator to preform (x-y motion), while maintaining optimal motion freedom and assistive force for both upper and lower arm

Why can we change the market?

  • Most upper body exoskeletons are developed to compensate force induced by a gravitational field acting on the arm.

  • Most of these devices are connected to the torso of the user.

    • Every orientation deviation of the torso in correlation to the gravitational field will result in a mismatch between the applied and desired assistive force.

The HumaniX technology enables tilt compensation.

Allowing for exact compensation of the upper and lower arm in every torso position.
Additional angle detection between torso and legs.
Minimum one additional degree of freedom in the force regulator assembly.