A new vision on performance

We are about to change the upper limbs ergonomic and physical revalidation technology of our slow world.


We are driven by technology, innovation and passion.

Who is Humanix?

HumaniX brings a new vision on human performance. We are about to change the upper limbs ergonomic and physical revalidation technology of our slow world. We bring a lightweight, user friendly, affordable and adaptable solution provided by a compact mechanical exoskeleton arm.

We are driven by:

Our solution

Our exoskeleton arm compensates the full weight of the human arm. The exoskeleton follows the movement of the user, giving him the ability to feel weightless motion. This greatly improves the efficiency, performance and flexibility of human upper limb movements.


Prevention & Ergonomics

In heavy and repetitive work situations where the task involves physical complaints such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), HumaniX provides a better quality of life, independence and freedom. Our exoskeleton makes work easier than ever before. Longer and better performance becomes mainstream, besides an improvement in quality of the executed task.


HumaniX exoskeleton can be used for healthcare purposes to improve upper limb mobility. With an exoskeleton arm, flexibility and freedom can be acquired. Limitations in mobility can be caused due to stroke, ageing, breast surgery, neurologic diseases like ALS, SMA, MS and many more…


Niels Jeurgen


Niels Jeurgen is the founder of Humanix who believes the world needs a new vision on performance when it coms to unpowered and hybrid wearables and humanoids. Niels is a designer and inventor with a degree in mechanical engineering and lives in Hasselt, Belgium. He specializes in multi DOF spring balancing  systems that enable to support the full arm independent of poses and torso position, and developed a servo spring mechanism able to store and redirect dynamic brake energy at any given joint. 

With these developments he believes the world is able to move away from battery driven research. Where the current limitations on power consumption and motion freedom make place for a fit for purpose user friendly and affordable development approach. 

Humanix is driven by technology, innovation and passion.