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HumaniX bvba is located in Hasselt Belgium, the company was founded in 2017 by Niels Jeurgen to perform fundamental research on spring balancing systems for wearables and robotics.

Niels Jeurgen is the founder of Humanix who believes the world needs a new vision on performance when it coms to unpowered and hybrid wearables and humanoids. Niels is a designer and inventor with a degree in mechanical engineering and lives in Hasselt, Belgium. He specializes in multi DOF spring balancing systems that enable to support the full arm independent of poses and torso position, and developed a servo spring mechanism able to store and redirect dynamic brake energy at any given joint.

With these developments he believes the world is able to move away from battery driven research. Where the current limitations on power consumption and motion freedom make place for a fit for purpose user friendly and affordable development approach.

Humanix is driven by technology, innovation and passion.